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Josh Blakeley


Meet The Founder

In 2017, Josh Blakeley founded JBL Digital Marketing with a goal to help businesses growth through online marketing channels. After running successful digital marketing and lead generation campaigns for landscape, hardscape, and artificial turf contractors he decided to create Landscape & Hardscape Contractor Marketing with the goal to become the leading online marketing company for the industry.

Ultimately, our priorities are the same as yours. That is, we want to make sure that your business succeeds. We understand the time, energy and passion that you’ve poured into your business and the hurdles and challenges that you need to overcome. We’re also aware that getting noticed in crowded marketplace and ensuring that you are constantly engaging with your target demographic can be tough which is what we excel in doing for our clients.

With Landscape & Hardscape Contractor Marketing you can be assured that because we’re working with the industry day in and day out, we’re on top of the latest marketing trends, and are seeing in realtime which strategies are working best for landscape companies at the various stages of their growth.